Non Profit Debt Services

Debts can just be unmanageable at times especially in the crisis everyone is facing. Bills are here, there, and everywhere these days. Even though how economic you are in budgeting your funds, sometimes it just does not work. Bill collectors are calling your house asking for the due payments. You are trying to talk and make negotiations to the credit card companies you owe money from. All of these are just so nerve-racking. At this moment on, you just can't sit back and attempt to solve the financial issues on your own on how to pay your creditors. This may be a time to look for and seek help from non profit debt service. These will help the people with debts to get out from that trouble as fast as possible.

Non profit debt consolidation provides credit counseling and a solution to clean up individual's financial predicaments. But that doesn't mean totally free, they charge a fee for their services. On first contact with the firm, you will be talking to a Certified Credit Counselor who will ask you questions about your finances and income.

The debt consolidation service will then review the application and will suggest afterwards a variety of options on how to clear out your debts. They will work with you to make a debt consolidation program modified to your individual needs. A simple settlement will be sent to you stating the terms you have agreed on the phone. You will sign the agreement if it is correct and will send it back to the non profit counseling debt consolidation company. Once they received the signed agreement, they will get your plan at once and will begin to contact your creditors to negotiate for lower interest rates and to lower or possibly eliminate late fees.

They will also find a way to lower your outstanding debt by 50 to 60%. After everything is settled, knowing how much of a reduction you will receive, the credit counselor will then give you an amount you will pay to them each month. They will take your payment and will be the one to give out the money to every creditor.

Make sure that the credit counselor is available and accessible for any questions you have. You will be surprised at how promptly your debt will be reduced through the non profit debt consolidation services that you receive.


"Thank you guys for helping my family and I out. Your non profit services really helped us focus on getting out of debt."

- Jenny Gage, Vancouver WA